Double Exposures

     Double exposure has always been a fascinating area of photography that can either be very gimmicky or transcendent. And when you're doing it on film the results can be extraordinary or very disappointing. I started doing digital double exposures when I got my first DSLR(Nikon D60), as it had an 'overlay' function in camera. This really helped me a lot as it showed me with practice what kind of images can work together well. And now I am beginning to transfer that idea when shooting film.  These are a couble of self portraits shot using my Nikon F3 and Kodak Gold/Kodak Ektar pushed.  Although the compositions are somewhat 'cliche' I really like the results, particularly how the exposures turned out. 

Self Portrait along the Potomac River
Self portrait on Pushed Kodak EKtar(400 ISO)

What's interesting to me is how much more subtle a lot of the effects are with film compared to digital. The combination of the grain and the 2 exposures makes for a very nuanced image that when printed larger has many hidden layers. Here is a shot that did not work particularly well. I tried shooting a tree and blending it with a reflection of a house in my sunroof. It is interesting but in the end I don't love the composition.