The Dumpster Portraits

"The Dumpster Portraits" Part 1


A series of analogue photographs with dumpsters, walls, generators, and other surfaces double exposed onto the film with my portrait at the same location. The goal was to discover some kind of "surreal" serendipity and distortion that may occur on the human form/face when combined with the ephemera created with rust, pattern, texture and color. 

Camera: Nikon FE2

Film: Kodak Ultramax400

What I learned: Indeed there are some fascinating things that happen to the face when combined with, in some cases harsh surfaces. Perhaps some metaphors depicting mental illness or deep seeded anxiety. There are also lush beauties in texture and pattern that emerge and dissolve. Some of the results remind me of a polaroid developing. The work inspires me to make a part 2 using 24 different people. The following images are the ones that seem to work best. 


The Results: