I hope everyone who had a chance to listen to "Music for Harsh Landscapes" was moved and inspired by the music. That playlist was definitely a challenging place to beginSo that brings us to a new collection of music, "Music for Things That End Before They Start.". Our visual  world is constantly arising and dissipating, appearing and then vanishing, which is what makes photography so challenging and important. I think back to a rainbow and an intense stormy sky over rural Virginia farmland that vanished before I could get to the right spot.  With that spirit in mind, the music here is mostly experimental electro-folk where a lot of the elements arise and evolve quickly. .





Here is the Tracklist:

"You Always Keep Around"- JBM

"Iguazu"- Gustavo Santaolalla

"Cello Song featuring Jose Gonzalez"- The Books

"You"- Matmos

"Tropic of Cancer"- Panda Bear

"Cinnabar"- Isan

"The Journey"- Voice of the Seven Woods

"Opening"- Phillip Glass

"Wheelhouse"- Kurt Vile

"Long Nights I"- Daniel Bachman

"Reach for the Dead"- Boards of Canada