Music for Hypnotic Skies

It's hard to say what motivates me to go out day after day and make photographs but for me it really comes down to one thing: the sky. Why? Because that is where light emanates from. Now most of the time that light is plain or harsh but for the briefest of moments it can be simply mesmerizing. We all know how colorful and dramatic sunrises and sunsets can be. But my favorite light to work with is storm light. The dark skies before and after a storm when the sun is shining on one side of the storm makes the sky a painterly purple. Often sun rays poke through some of the breaks in the clouds and rainbows can occur. It's simply "HYPNOTIC",  So with that our latest playlist:

Here is the track list:

"Teen Angst"- M83

"Same Dream China"- Gold Panda

"Generation"- Liturgy

"Zones Without People"- Oneohtrix Point Never"

"Unrecorded"- M83

"Olympians"- Fuck Buttons

"Brazil"- Luke Abbott

"A Paw in My Face"- The Field

"Grass"- Animal Collective

"Cyborg"- M83

"Where Does Time Go"- Oneohtrix Point Never